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Welcome to our catalogue of Machine Tokens of Great Britain and Ireland.

Our main reference is Ralph Hayes’s  catalogue: British Machine Tokens, edited 1986 and it’s supplements.

His definition: “A machine Token is a coin-like disc that can be inserted into the appropriate slot that has been made for and thereby operate the Mechanical or Electro-Mechanical equipment required.”

He adds: “Additional to this are tokens ejected from Amusement machines for replay or trade purposes as well as those that cannot be replayed but must be presented to an official at the establishment where won to claim and collect a prize award.”

Our regions of interest are Great Britain, with all it’s European (independent) territories: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, but also The Republic of Ireland.

In short: We aim at the English speaking world in Europe, except Malta.

The tokens we want to show and describe are metal ones.

01.    Amusement tokens used in fruit machines, pusher’s,
       skee ball machines etcetera.
02.    Amusement ride tokens, e.g. carousel’s, kiddy rides,
       bumper car rides.
03.    Admission tokens e.g. toilet tokens, used in turnstiles
       or similar.
04.    Car wash tokens
05.    Gas tokens
06.    Laundry tokens
07.    Locker tokens
08.    Parking tokens (see also www.parkingtokens.com)
09.    Telephone tokens (see also www.telephonetokens.com)
10.    Tokens for vending machines

We hope that this site will become of interest and importance to you as a machine token collector, so you will often visit us.

You can find pictures, text and features of the tokens, compare it with your own and occasionally find differences.

When you do, maybe have additional information, or have new entries, please contact us.

In that way we can make it more complete, thanks to you, for the benefit of all collectors. 

We were very happy with the contributions of Malcolm Johnson and are very sad because Malcolm passed away September 2021.

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