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Our catalogue number

 The catalogue code is based on the first 4 letters of the issuer, followed by 1. Should there exist different issuers with the same first 4 letters, subsequent digits will be used. After a hyphen then follows the numbering: 01, 02 or 001, 002 when large series will be the subject.  

hayes :Entrance in Ralph Hayes

obverse :Obverse, heads

 Front of the token.

Usually the side where the company's name or logo is displayed

reverse :Reverse, tails

Back of the token

Usually the side where the value or purpose is displayed, but often blank.

VALUE / 2D (D/-)
rim_obv :Rim and Border on the obverse

  Outer circular structure of the obverse of the token and the adjacent outer border

rim_rev :Rim and Border on the reverse

 The outer circular structure of the reverse of the token and the adjacent outer border

metal :The token is made of

A = Aluminium | B = Brass | Bz = Bronze

C = Copper | G = gold coloured/gilded | S = Iron (magnetic) | SS = Steel (not magnetic)

L = Lead | Z = Zinc or Zamac

Ag = Silver | T = Tin or Pewter

WM = White metal, alloy, Copper-Nickel, or Nickel (light magnetic)

/ = over (e.g. WM/B is White metal over Brass)

diam :Token measuring

 The token diameter from left to right in "millimetres" and accurate to one-tenth of a millimetre

17.3 mm
hole :Hole shape / position

ch = central hole | sd = solid: no hole

sq = square hole | st = star hole

pc = pierced (mostly on the top of the token) (hand made)

countermark :An additional mark

An additional mark (number, symbol, value, code) placed on a token.

Normally the token exists also without countermark, or with different countermarks.

The countermarks listed are confirmed.

Countermarks stating the name of an enterprise will be listed under the name of that enterprise

. 3 digit number . D4 .
alignment :Alignment of the token

Normally a token has medal alignment (0): When flipping it horizontally, or using it in a locket both, sides will be upright.

Due to manufacturing causes deviations occur.

The numbers given reflect the position of the top of the reverse according to the numbers on a clock.

0 o'clock
type :Usage of the token

Confirmed usage of the token in one of the main categories.

Parking, Carwash, Vending, Amusement, Weigh, Toilet, Laundry, Timer, Locker

If uncertain: "zz"

source :The provider

 The first provider of the photos and the diameter of the token

Rik van Dam
sort_number :Sort number

The sort number is used to get the tokens in the right place on the site.

This number is for editor use only and may change if a new token is found.


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